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Anti- Climbing
WeldMesh Anti-Climbing system is a high security system made of
galvanized or PVC coated steel wires with different mesh opening.
Weldmesh  is designed to guarantee the quality and provided with
ISO 9002 and other international approved standards.

Wire sizes range between :
Galvanized 2.5mm up to 5 mm  
PVC between 3mm to 5.8mm.

Mesh opening :
Square 25x25mm , 50x50mm, 75x75mm, 100x100mm,150x150mm
Rectangular  12.5x25mm , 12.5x75mm,12.5x100mm,25x50mm,   
50x75mm, 50x100mm,75x150mm,100x150mm,100x200mm .

Mesh panels :
as per the design and requirements ,please consult with us for

Khaleej Dubai can provide design ,materials ,supervisions and
installation as a turnkey project.

Please contact us for your enquires .