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Concertina Barbed Tape
Barbed tapes are used as a psychological and physical deterrent against intrusions by personal and animals. Barbed tape
barrier systems are more vicious and difficult to tamper with ,providing superior perimeter security. Some of the users are
military installations ,nuclear energy sites,prisons and  petroleum refinery  ,etc...

The standard diameters are, 450mm,600mm,700mm,and 965mm, also other diameters on request.

Materials made of  galvanized steel Blade:0.6mm thickness and high tensile Core wire: 2.5mm diameter , other details as per our

Also available in stainless steel.

Types of Concertina Barbed Tapes:

Short Blade "SBBT'
Medium Blade "MBBT"
Long Blade "LBBT"

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