Chainlink Fencing is usually provided where intrusion is to be deterred
but vision is to be unobstructed.

We provide full support by furnishing design ,technical specifications
and drawings ,as per the customer requirements.

We also supervise and install our systems upon request.
Fence fabrics can be made from galvanized and PVC coated steel wires according to BS
and ASTM standards.
Galvanized fabric is manufactured in the followings diameters:
2mm,2.4mm,2.6mm,3mm,3.2mm,3.4mm and 4mm.
PVC fabric is manufactured in the following diameters:
1.8/2.6mm,2.3/3.2mm,2.7/3.8mm.3.55/4.75mm and 3.76/4.88mm.

Barbed wires is also manufactured from galvanized steel and PVC coated . It is made in
two ply with four point barbs spaced at 100mm and 75mm centres.
Fence posts can be fabricated from circular
sections to BS and ASTM. Square and
rectangular hollow sections can be used ,
galvanized or PVC coated.

Fencing accessories are hot dip galvanize or
PVC coated to BS and ASTM standards.

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