Weldmesh Gabions

Welded Mesh Gabion boxes and mattresses are a valid and effective technical solution in design ,construction and
maintenance of a variety of protective civil structures.

Retaining walls.
Dams and Culverts.
Electrical Towers.
Coastal Embankment.

Welded mesh  gabion boxes and mattresses are made of Galvanized ,GALFAN coated welded mesh. The wires possesses
high strength and strictly conform to BS 1052 /BS 443 ,DIN 1548 and ASTM 856. All wires are hot dip galvanized or Galfan .
Also it can be PVC coated  against corrosion and other weather conditions.

Span Wires,Spirals and Clips or 5% lacing wire shall be provided separately for assembly.
Our technical department can help on designing and supervise the work at the job site ,on request.

For details about sizes and specification please contact us.

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